Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007

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Hi there! I have decided to combine this blog with http://lwcollectibles.blogspot.com/ and show all photos in one blog! The topics are not that far apart and it makes my life also easier. Please visit from now on directly http://lwcollectibles.blogspot.com/ Enjoy! Your LW collector!

Sonntag, 30. September 2007

Latest auctions 30 Sep 07

Hi there! Today I am back again with some new flight gear. Please also check my updates off my other blogs (links are at the top right of this blog). Enjoy! Your LW collector!

Dreiecksrechner DR2 (Mai 1939) 220155434684

Cover for flight helmet (original?) 180164659157

Microphones for flight helmets 180164908846

Armbandkompass AK39 190158033587

Flight helmet LKp W101 220155325544

Flight helmet LKp W101 220153372500

Flight helmet 270171683057

Wartime Photo of a pilot with Schwimmweste 160163344024

Samstag, 29. September 2007

Latest auctions 29 Sep 07

Hi there! Today I am back again with some new flight gear. I decided to add also some other pilot equipment (such as for example the flight training booklets in the first link). Enjoy! Your LW collector!

Luftwaffe pilot booklets about enemy aircraft, learning to fly, etc. 250170350241

LKp W101 & flight googles (O.W. Wagener & Co., Oct 43) 220155073736

Gloves (LW issue?) 110175201248

Model 306 flight goggles (original straps?) 190156215507

Photo of flight crew wearing life preserver (Italy 1942) 280157946211

Map of the "front" against England (probably not a LW issue) 190157539451

Flight computer and Kursdreieck KD1 (1940) 160162294213

Pilot with life preserver 130158150103

Donnerstag, 27. September 2007

Lastest Auctions 27 Sep 07

Hi there! Today I am back with some new flight gear auctions. In the future, I would like to post also some short articles related to Luftwffe flight gear (like I did it on my other blog http://lwcollectibles.blogspot.com/). What would even be better is if someone of you would also contribute. Another great idea is to share some photos of ones personal collections with the readers. Please contact me at lwcollector@gmail.com. I would be glad to hear from you. Your LW collector!

HM15 Oxygen Mask! 290164942198

Armbandkompass AK39 280157423965

Luftwaffen Feuerzeug (original?) 330170378882

Luftwaffe jacket 140162300743

Luftwaffe jacket 180163768187

Luftwaffe leather jacket 140162129724 (seller claims that it belonged to a JG302 pilot)

Bordleuchte 130157820140

Photo of Me 109 pilots 160161665636

Pilot trousers 180162637557

Pilot Boots 290165170995

Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

Hi there! I am back with some new flight gear and equipment auctions. Please also visit my other blog about Luftwaffe related topics! Your LW Collector.

Oxygen Mask Clasp 180163319545

Armbandkompass AK39 250169113908

N&G Splitterschutzbrille (original?) 180162534568

German Pilot fully equipped 290164571554

Montag, 24. September 2007

Hi there! Did you know that thousands of collectors browse auction platforms like ebay every day just to find the needle in the haystack (i.e. a treasure for their personal collection)? Most collectors usually don't share their discoveries even if they are not personally interested in an item they found as it doesn't fit their collection. Why not sharing all these exciting discoviers so that everybody can benefit from the work done by thousands of collectors every day? I do the first step today and share some of my exciting discovieries of today! Please feel free to add comments if you know more information about the photos shown. Your LW collector

Sauerstoffmaske 6701! 260162270418

LKp S100 300154178756

Fliegerjacke 300154176226

LKp 101W & Yellow Cover (original?) 180162534149

LKp S101 220152273958

Fliegerstiefel 320159666164

Manual Höhenatmer & Oxygen Mask 290162592071
Hi there! This is my first post! Welcome to my blog. You will find here regular updates about new exciting WWII Luftwaffe flight gear auctions and discoveries in the world wibe web, some suggestions for successful collecting and last but not least the daily ups and downs in the life of a collector. Please also check my other blog http://lwcollectibles.blogspot.com/ regular updates about other Luftwaffe related topics. Enjoy! Your LW collector.